In My City Priyanka Chopra

In My City Priyanka Chopra Song

In My City Priyanka Chopra Song Video

Priyanka Chopra’s debut single In My City is out and the actress has proved the world that she has more than one talent. Priyanka’s song is peppy and refreshing. Her first single In My City features famous rap artiste and Black Eyed Peas singer

“Priyanka has the capacity and talent to become the first crossover star from India, our first creative export. She has a super team backing her and she is truly an international brand and will make India very proud,” Shah Rukh Khan said in an interview.

Salman Khan said: “Omg ! Jst heard priyanka chopra’s english track 3 times bak to bak , called in my city . Its fab , outstanding ! SALAAM miss chopra”.

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