Special 26 Hindi Movie Review

Special 26 Review

Taran Adarsh Review of Special 26

SPECIAL 26 is not one of those mindless masala entertainers with leave-your-brains-at-home attitude. You may assume it’s one because Akshay Kumar is synonymous with films like HOUSEFULL series, ROWDY RATHORE and KHILADI 786. SPECIAL 26, which borrows from real-life incidents, is a heist drama, has no forced humor, no South-styled stunts, no song-and-dance routine with foreign dancers in the background. SPECIAL 26 is more of a ‘treatment’ movie, a plot-driven fare. So, there!

SPECIAL 26 may be a fictionalized account of events that occurred in the 1980s, but Neeraj ensures it does not transform into a dry film/documentary that focuses completely and absolutely on the incidents. The film has the soul of a thriller and the director makes sure that it not only enlightens [to the present-day viewer], but entertains as well. While the volatile plot and enthralling drama catches your attention, the execution of the written material, besides proficient performances from each and every member of the cast, makes SPECIAL 26 a game changer, a worthy follow up to the director’s A WEDNESDAY.

SPECIAL 26 brings to the big screen the scandalous and outrageous incidents that occurred in the 1980s. The film narrates the story of a group of con men who orchestrated and executed a series of robberies, targeting the rich and famous, business magnets and politicians by posing as CBI or IT officers, under the pretext of confiscating unaccounted wealth [black money] from their premises.

SPECIAL 26 encompasses three startling cases that sent a shiver down the spine of many a businessman in the 1980s. What makes the film tick is the manner in which Neeraj Pandey integrates these episodes in a sequence and develops a clever cat and mouse saga between law breakers and law enforcers. Like A WEDNESDAY, SPECIAL 26 also sets you thinking, but the motive this time is not to convey any message or make any social statement. The intention is crystal clear: Make an entertainer with a refreshingly different premise, which is a 360-degree transition from the customary masala fare. Yet, it’s sharp, intelligent and thoroughly enjoyable.

Special Chabbis Cast & Crew

Director – Neeraj Pandey
Starring – Akshay Kumar, Kajal Aggarwal, Jimmy Shergill, Manoj Bajpai, Anupam Kher, Divya Dutta, Gurdeep Virdi
Music – M. M. Keeravani,, Himesh Reshammiya
Cinematography – Bobby Singh
Release date – February 8, 2013

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